• You don’t know how to buy Christmas tree in Hungary?

  • You don’t have time to seek out where to buy?

  • The retailers don’t speak English and it is not easy to get information about the trees?

It’s time to order your Xmas tree online

  • No risk – choose the perfect match for yourself.

  • You don’t have the tools to put it into the stand, we cut it for you.

Order in tree simle steps

First step: choose the right height and provide the rest of the order details with your contact information.

Second step: we call you and make an appointment.

Third step: at the appointed hour our courier rings your doorbell and you’ll be able to choose the perfect xmas tree out of 3-5 trees. If you wish, we can even take it into your flat and fit it into the stand. At last, if everything suits, you pay and enjoy the day.

Small size nordmann fir

Medium  size nordmann fir

Large size nordmann fir

We have premium nordmann fir with the standards written below:

  • dense, pyramidal confiner
  • branches are densely clad with flattened, glossy dark green needles
  • it retains its needles well, even when cut

About us

Our family owned plantation is located in South West Hungary close to Nagykanizsa, where nordmann fir and blue spruce trees are grown for our customers.  We only cut our spruces and firs fresh on order only, ensuring long lasting Christmas trees and avoiding cutting too many out during the season.